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 Interior Partitions & Drylining:

We can provide suitable partitions for domestic properties and public buildings and our partition is extremely versatile and can provide high levels of fire resistance and sound insulation. and also the system consists of tapered edge plaster boards screw fixed to lightweight metal sections and is suitable for direct decoration.

Plasterboard Partitions:
Metal stud partitions incorporating insulation and clad with performance or standard plasterboard are a quick and effective system, they can be varied to provide specific fire, acoustic and moisture properties.

The metal stud and track system is set out and erected with plasterboard fitted to one side, this provide stability and allows the electrical and other services to be installed through the metal studs, on completion of the services first fix the second side of the partition can be boarded with either standard plasterboard or moisture plasterboard or fireline board.

Dry lining:
DriLyner lining systems provide simple and effective techniques for drylining brick, block, and concrete walls in both new-build and refurbishment work.

DriLyner BASIC, DriLyner TL, and DriLyner SIsystems use gypsum adhesive dabs to bond boards directly to the wall. The BASIC system uses Gyproc WallBoard, the TL system uses Gyproc ThermaLine laminates, and the SI system uses Gyproc TriLine - a sound insulating laminate.

The DriLyner MF system facilitates the fixing of Gyproc plasterboards or ThermaLine laminates to Gypframe channels, which are adhesive bonded to the wall. Gyproc ThermaLine laminates are fixed to the channels using a combination of Gyproc Sealant and Gyproc Drywall Screws to minimise any risk of thermal bridging.

The DriLyner RF system provides a method of fixing boards directly to solid walls, including directly to plastered walls in a refurbishment situation, using blobs of Gyproc Sealant.

The partition and wall lining systems are durable ,aesthetically and the the option of excellent sound and fire performance.

Our metal stud partitions are lightweight, non-loadbearing and quickly assembled on site.
The system consists of tapered edge plasterboards screwfixed to lightweight metal sections and is suitable for direct decoration.

all round solutions for all round house

we can specialize your protection for yours and your house requirement. wheather you soundproof for your noisy neighbors, moisture resistance, fire resistance or impact resistance etc we got solution for that.


Acoustic insulation Read more                                       Thermal insulation

-Noisy neighbors                                                                 -Cold rooms

-Internal Partitions                                                              -Exterior walls


                                                                                                -Loft conversions (room in roof)


Moisture resistance                                                          Impact resistance

-Bathrooms                                                                         -Stairways

-Kitchens                                                                             -Hallways

                                                                                               -Garage walls


Vapour control                                                                   Special requirements

-Bathrooms                                                                         -Boiler cupboards

                                                                                               -Soffit Linings

                                                                                               -Curved partitions


fire resistance                                                                   Standard performance

-Integral garage roofs                                                      -internal partitions

-Loft conversions (room in roof)

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