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Room In Roof Insulation

If there is a room in the loft, the room can be insulated. When a loft is insulated the roof space becomes colder. We can help you to insulate your room in the loft. Many older properties that were originally built with a loft room were not insulated at the time. If done it is  inadequate by new standards. When  a loft conversion abuts a cavity wall and where an existing external wall is to become an internal wall and some  are also likely to be poorly insulated, if at all. Many loft rooms are therefore cold and difficult or impossible to heat.

This is typically done by fixing rigid insulation boards between the roof rafters. Boards must be cut to the correct width so that they fit snugly between the rafters. They can then be covered by plasterboard. Rafters aren't usually very deep, so to get the best performance you may have to insulate over them as well, using insulated plasterboard. If there isn't room to do this, make sure you use the highest performance insulation board.

Walls in the roof space and around dormer windows should also be insulated. This is typically done with rigid insulation boards. 

In all cases adequate ventilation should be maintained to the rafters.

if there are already damp issues on the  property, these need to be sorted before insulation is installed,


During the installation

The room will need to be empty before the work begins. It does not need to be removed before the survey.All fittings and fixtures will be carefully removed and replaced. Some may require slight alterations such as radiator pipework.

The installation of insulation in loft rooms and roof conversions is a specialist task and not a DIY project. There are considerations to be made about ventilation and fire protection.

Installing Room In Roof Insulation could save you up to £150 a year on your heating bills, reducing your heat loss by as much as 25%

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