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Soundproofing Walls and Ceiling

Sound is a kind of energy or waves. The more energy produced in one place, the greater effect that energy will have in another if it is allowed to get there.The only way to stop sound is to either reduce it or absorb it. We have wide range of solution for Residential soundproofing and Commercial soundproofing. It is starting from noisy neighbours to sound studios.

With living spaces getting closer together,especially in urban areas,Noisy neighbours, loud televisions and radios, traffic volume are the some of the typical noise pollutants.

The independent walls involve the erection of a stud structure which can be done in metal, while being more labour intensive and more space consuming they do offer better acoustic protection

Ceiling soundproofing is often the only option available to people living below noisy neighbours, We can reduce noise from noisy neighbours including, TV noise, music and footfall transmitting through your ceilings with ceiling insulation, acoustic ceiling hangers and ceiling soundproofing boards. That means your home can turn into peace and quiet place by reducing or absorbing unwanted noise in your property.

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