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    Velux Windows Services


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    VELUX has been the dominant player in roof windows and skylights for many years. Over the years, the brand has established a market standard and now supplies a wide range of products that can improve your home and living standards.
    Our VELUX window collection includes centre pivot, top hanging, flat roof windows, sun tunnels, and balcony windows, among other popular forms.

    What Size VELUX Window Do I Need?

     As a general guideline, windows should account for at least 10% of the total floor area. However, you should consider the style of your home. Vast tracts of contemporary glass may work effectively in a modern home. Narrow windows, on the other hand, can be more classic.

    VELUX Centre Pivot Windows

     This type has a handle on the top or bottom of the frame that opens from the centre. When a window is opened with a centre pivot, half of the window enters the room while the other half opens to the outside. They’re easy to maintain on both sides because of the 180-degree rotating feature.
    Although VELUX centre pivot windows don’t provide the same unobstructed perspectives or escape access as top-hung ones, they can help keep project costs down.


    VELUX Window Benefits

    Good welfare environments: More light and fresh air can improve a property’s efficiency and comfort. Natural light is beneficial to our health, and airflow helps to prevent structural moisture.
    Enhanced aesthetic appeal: A VELUX pitched roof or skylight windows may make claustrophobic interiors feel more spacious and airier. Their wide range of later additions can help you achieve a pleasing, consistent look both inside and out.
    Quality and safety: VELUX products have been developed and constructed to the highest standards of quality and safety. They ensure energy efficiency and long-term effectiveness, as well as building code compliance.
    Variety: As a VELUX-approved supplier, we have a wide choice of styles and fittings to fit a broad spectrum of applications, interests, and project objectives.
    Difference Between VELUX Top-hung Windows and VELUX Centre Pivot Windows

    Top-hung VELUX Windows

    A handle is used to open this version from the bottom outwards. When the pivot is at the top, the entire sash opens outwards from the room, allowing for uninterrupted sights. In the event of a fire or other emergency, this also ensures they can be used as escape routes.
    Fitting top-hung VELUX windows also allows the user to create furniture beneath them without fear of obscuring or damaging the sash when they are opened.

    How to Maintain VELUX Windows

    Though VELUX is acclaimed for its sturdiness, there are a few things you can do to retain your windows in good shape and assure long-term functionality.
    Remove the air filter from the filter rail and scrub it using home cleaners.
    Use mild cleaning chemicals or just plain soft water to clean the window.
    Eliminate any debris from the flashing and allow water to freely flow away.
    To avoid condensation, keep the humidity low.

    Cost of Velux Windows

    The estimated cost of your VELUX windows is determined by a number of factors, which include:

    • The kind of window you’re going to put in. A VELUX balcony window, for example,will be more expensive than a standard VELUX pitched roof window.
    • Size of your choice.
    • It doesn’t matter if it’s a VELUX top-hung or centre-pivot window.
    • The input method (manual, electric, or solar).
    • White coated, white polyurethane, or raw pine as an interior coating.
    • The amount of glazing and the form of glazing.
    • VELUX flashing kit of your preference.
    • Adding VELUX ACTIVE suitability is optional.

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    Loft Insulation

    insulating materials are poor conductors, they reduce heat loss through conduction.


    Loft Boarding

    We can provide loft boarding into lofts of all ages.


    Loft Ladders

    We supply and fit a wide range of high-quality loft ladders.


    Loft Lining

    we are elated to provide a variety of integrative services.


    Loft Hatches

     we will only install loft hatches that match our stringent specifications.


    Loft Shelving

    Not all lofts are designed to maximize storage space.

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